We are happy to support local suppliers, not only because their products are fresh and close to home, but because they are of outstanding quality. Some of the purveyors stocking our kitchen include:

Howard Morry
From the Goulds, Howard supplies us with the best tasting lamb our chefs have ever had. He raises them on an island just off the southern shore called "Sheep Island." They feed off the salty grass that grows there, which gives them an almost pre-seasoned taste.

Lester's Farm
Supplying us with some excellent vegetables through much of the year, the Lesters are a great family who take pride in the quality of produce that they grow. lestersfarmmarket.com

Seafood Shop
Pat Fitzgerald and his staff in Churchill Square work with us closely to source the best fresh seafood available.

Ross Smith
From Summerside, Ross has been raising pigs for us since we opened the doors to Raymonds. His pork is of outstanding quality.

Thelma Hicks
Thelma supplies us with amazing free range chicken, bred and reared in Portugal Cove-St. Philips.

Gerry Hussey
From Bonavista, Gerry has been helping us out supplying local wild rabbits and fresh kelp for our oysters.

Mike Rabinowitz
Mike's organic farm has been offering amazing herbs and vegetables, even custom growing by request. theorganicfarm.net